This is the first in a series of blog posts introducing the artist who are collaborating with Drawbridge Creations on our first online manga project, Waypoints. As you’ll see, our illustrators have diverse backgrounds and levels of experience, and represent a wide variety of artistic styles. Let’s start with the first two artists working on Waypoints… 

Robin White, founder and director of Drawbridge Creations, is Canadian and has been living in Japan since 2008. A mostly self-taught artist, Robin studied and worked in graphic design before going to Bible college and becoming a missionary.

Living in Japan, as well as working as an assistant for manga artist Kelly Shinozawa, helped reignite Robin’s love for comics and give him a vision for sharing the Gospel through manga.

The past several years he has been serializing his own webcomics, first Doodze (now available as a book) and Pods, as well as doing several short side projects along the way. His influences include Brian Lee O’Malley, Gene Luen Yang, Pendleton Ward, and Jeff Smith. The first story in Waypoints, “Not Alone,” was drawn by Robin. You can also see Robin’s work at

Come back next week to meet another one of our collaborators!