Outreach Resources

The following Japanese-language resources are available for FREE for Christian churches, ministries and missionaries in Japan. We only ask that you pay for shipping. We also recommend that you order in bulk as a church or group, as the items will be shipped COD (cash on delivery).

Print Products Currently Available: 

– Waypoints manga booklets (A5, 36 pages)
– Waypoints outreach cards (business card size)


WAYPOINTS OUTREACH CARDS: A simple tool for sharing your faith, these cards feature a QR code linking to Waypoints, our online manga series of original short stories inspired by scenes in the Gospels. We’ve created this series and website with a non-Christian audience in mind, in hopes that it will peak readers’ interest in scriptures and spark conversations of faith. We encourage you to order lots of these cards and hand them out like modern-day gospel tracts!

WAYPOINTS MANGA BOOKLET: This 36-page booklet is our first printed manga, and features the story “What Else Could I Do?” with art by Ryo Azumi. This story imagines Matthew’s internal struggle and change of heart as he goes from tax collector to disciple of Jesus Christ. The printed version is only available in Japanese, but you can read it in English on our website if you like. This booklet would be a great giveaway for guests at an outreach event!