One thing we’re grateful for at Drawbridge Creations is the wealth of talent we’ve been privileged to work with on our current manga project Waypoints. Besides myself, five artists have illustrated our stories, helping us to create 16 short manga so far. Every artist has brought something different to the table and enabled us to tell stories we couldn’t have told without them.

This year we’re trying to add some more artists to the mix, so today I’m excited to introduce you to Igor Cicarini, who has drawn what will be the first story of Waypoints season 3, coming in April.

Igor has been a professional artist for about 20 years, working as a cartoonist, illustrator, art director and character designer, both in his native Brazil as well as internationally. He works in both manga and American comics styles, and has done work for such major US companies as Marvel, Dynamite and DC. In addition to comics work, Igor has also worked for video game and trading card companies, including helping to produce a card series to celebrate Ultraman’s 55th anniversary in the USA.

Here are some samples of art from Igor’s previous work:

And here’s a sneak preview of his Waypoints story:

As you can see, Igor is an accomplished artist, and we’re happy to have had the chance to work with him! Visit Waypoints on April 7 to read “A Bigger Story.”

To see more of Igor’s illustrations, you can check him out on Instagram.