Note: This is the latest Drawbridge Dispatch — our periodic update for prayer partners. We don’t always post these to the blog, so if you’d like to receive these updates by email, please click HERE to sign up! Now, on with the update…

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! I just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s going on with Drawbridge Creations…

1. New manga! Just today, our latest manga episode went live at Waypoints. Check out “What Else Could I Do?” part one, with art by Ryo Azumi, HERE (English) or HERE (Japanese).

2. Good news! Our funding campaign finished the year on a high note, with some very generous donations bringing our total to almost 97% — leaving us with only about $1033 US till we reach our goal! If you’d still like to give to this fund, you can find the details HERE.

3. Ourgoals for 2022: (1) Build our online audience for Waypoints, especially among non-Christians in Japan; (2) Get more buy-in from the church and missionary community in Japan, so that they’ll make good use of this project as an outreach resource; and thirdly (3) expand our team.

That last goal is closely related to the first two, in that currently we have a very small team. If we could get some help with web site maintenance, social media, project management, design, etc, it would allow us to grow our audience and network while I focus on being a writer, artist and editor, and Yoko focuses on translation and admin stuff. Please pray that God will help us find the right people, and if you know someone who could volunteer some expertise, please let us know!

Thank you for you prayers and support!