The past couple of years, Covid-19 has limited our in-person interactions with the missionary and church communities here in Japan. Many events were cancelled or online only. On the one hand, this gave us plenty of time to focus on creating manga and building our online presence. On the other, it severely limited our ability to get the word out about what Drawbridge Creations is doing.

Well, as we were hoping, this year things are opening up more.

So we’ve made it our goal to get out, build our network and promote our ministry. Recently we attended and displayed at JEMA Connect in Tokyo, where missionaries from various groups gathered for networking and learning. After that, we took a trip to Nagoya, too, where we could catch up with other ministry connections. 

And wow! It’s amazing what a difference it can make to meet face to face! 

Both of these trips showed us how much more can be accomplished with a few short, in-person encounters, as opposed to trying to do it all online. Several people expressed interest in using Waypoints in their outreach efforts, one person offered to connect us to an artist friend of theirs, and another expressed interest in partnering with us on a future project.

And this is just the beginning!

Please pray for us as we continue to get out there! Pray that we can connect with Christians, grow our network, and resource the Church, so that together we can bridge the gap between Jesus and Japan!