This is the first in a series of posts I’d like to do introducing our potential collaborators… 

And what better person to start with than… MYSELF?

Many of you may know me as a church or ministry connection, but not be familiar with my creative work, other than what little is on this site. So I thought I’d like to introduce you to my artist self.

A mostly self-taught artist, I was always doodling as a child, like most kids, and just… never stopped. After high school, I went on to get a diploma in graphic arts at a community college. This didn’t help me much with drawing, but did teach me some good design principles and computer skills. My dream was to become a professional cartoonist (writer/artist of comic books) but after a year as a graphic designer in a small print shop, I felt God calling me into ministry and ended up going to Bible college instead. That, eventually, led me to Japan, which led me back to cartooning in part because I realized how great of a ministry tool it could be.

So, after a decade or so of not doing much to develop my skills, for the past several years I’ve been playing “catch up.” That has entailed lots of drawing practice and some online learning, but I’ve developed the most by diving into personal projects. The biggest ones have been Doodze, my first long-term webcomic, and Pods, my comic currently serializing on Webtoon. I’ve also done some some short-form comics and freelance work along the way.

But enough words. Since this is about my artist self, here’s some art:

Doodze was originally serialized online, and now is available in book-form too.
Pods — currently serializing on the comics platform Webtoon.
Characters from Yama-Tomo — a short story I did for Christian manga publication Lamby.
Recent randoms
Last but not least: Jesus. This is a style exploration for our first Drawbridge project.

Feel free to check out my website, Facebook page or Instagram for more!